The COVID Vaccines: Dr. Klug’s Thoughts

January 8, 2021

If you received this post by other means, I thank you for your patience. I am catching up on a small backlog of posts.

Happy New Year! What do I think of the COVID vaccine? Everyone is asking! Please read on for my response.

Inclement Weather Policy Reminder

With two winter storms in the past weeks, it’s a good time to remind you of our inclement weather policy. Your safety is of utmost importance to us. If you feel unsafe driving to your appointment, simply let us know and we will reschedule your appointment. That’s it. The cancellation policy does not apply as long as you reschedule. If we are in the office, it may be possible to do a phone or Zoom visit instead, depending on the nature of the visit.

Resonance Repatterning Update

Most people will have given up on their New Year’s resolutions by President’s Day. That’s a good reason to watch for my next round of Resonance Repatterning sessions then. I’m learning another module this month, so the sessions promise to be even more powerful!

Got COVID Vaccine Anxiety? My Thoughts on the Vaccine

Many of you have expressed anxiety about the COVID vaccine. This is understandable. A vaccine has never been developed so quickly and the mRNA technology is brand new. These are big reasons for concern.

Yet, most of you can relax. The Trump administration hoped to have 300 million doses available by October, but only 15 million have been delivered so far. So, most of you won’t have the opportunity to be vaccinated until summer, by most predictions. The biggest and most important clinical trial is when a product is released to the general public. You have time to see how this “trial” unfolds and can make a more educated decision about whether to take it.

Some of you, Lori and I included, will be eligible for the vaccine this winter. We both plan to get it unless we see a pattern of untoward reactions, the most concerning so far being anaphylactic reactions. If you have had a severe reaction to another vaccine or injectable medication, please carefully weigh the risks and benefits of vaccination, says the CDC. And if you are at high risk of an anaphylactic reaction, stay at the vaccination site for 30 minutes after the shot so you can be treated if necessary.

This article lists the most common side effects of the vaccine. These are common and resolve in a day or two. If these side effects are more lasting, severe or you have other concerning symptoms, please schedule an osteopathic treatment with me. This is the most effective way I know to treat vaccination related symptoms. Osteopathic treatment has also been effective at treating lingering symptoms after infections such as COVID, flu, common cold and bronchitis.

To Your Health!

Bethany Klug, DO

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