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Dr. Klug’s preferred treatment for long COVID and COVID shot reactions.


You are Always Healing


Another way to restore health is to work directly with your own healing forces. Most of us take for granted that we are always healing and regenerating. A bruise heals. You recover from a cold. Your nails grow. BioDynamic work engages your innate healing forces to reveal the health that is your birthright.

Seeing, Feeling, Thinking Fingers


Counter to our take-a-pill, let-a-machine-do-it culture, BioDynamic work relies on one of the most sensitive instruments known to man—the human hands. With training, the subtle manifestations of the body’s healing forces can be sensed and engaged. This model is based on the later work of osteopath W.G. Sutherland, the developer of the cranial concept. He clearly shifted from using force, to using very little force, to finally “allowing the innate forces within to actively guide him and help him synchronize with the therapeutic process present in any given moment,” in the words of my teacher James Jealous, DO. To me, synchronization is like pushing a swing. If the timing is right, it takes very little effort to make the swing go higher and higher. Similarly, the healing forces when synchronized with, they engage more fully than if they were left alone.


Patients who feel nothing during the treatment are often surprised at how much better they feel over the next days or weeks.


Optimal Health: It’s in There

In its full manifestation of health, the human body is an open fluid system carrying a continuous flow of intelligence, information, energy and nourishment. The fluids contain the blueprint for the optimal form and function of every organ and every cell of your body, that is, optimal health. The stress from birth, physical injuries, emotional difficulties and accumulated lifelong toxin exposure leave their mark on the fluids, taking you further from that original blueprint of optimal health. The result is ill-being and disease. BioDynamic work aims to free the fluids, allowing them to function more fully. The result is improved heath.

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How Does BioDynamic Work Feel?

You remain fully clothed while lying comfortably on the treatment table. I invite you to close your eyes and relax, even go to sleep if you feel like it. I examine your body by placing my hands on different parts to sense the state of the healing forces and then place my hands on you for the treatment. There’s no popping, cracking, tugging or pulling. I may quietly move my hands from one part of your body to another. Patients report feeling nothing during the treatment to profound release and well-being. However, what the patient feels during the treatment is much less important that the improvement of symptoms. Patients who feel nothing during the treatment are often surprised at how much better they feel over the next days or weeks. It generally takes up to three treatments for symptoms to begin changing, so I ask patients to commit to three treatments at first. The treatments are usually scheduled a few weeks apart and last 20 to 40 minutes.

​Who Can It Help?

BioDynamic work is appropriate for people of all ages. It is especially effective for children. It can be used alone or as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to complex problems. While potentially any condition can benefit, I’ve seen benefit in the following conditions.

Behavior issues
Bicycle and car accidents
Brain injury
Chronic Fatigue
Consequences of birth trauma
Down’s and other genetic condition
Delays in physical and intellectual development
Gallstones and Gallbladder Disease
Gastro-esophageal Reflux

Head Injury
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Learning issues such as AD/HD and dyslexia
Newborn issues such as suckling difficulties, colic, insomnia, spitting up, inconsolable crying and plagiocephaly
Recurrent infections, especially chronic ear infections and sinusitis.
Surgery (before and after to improve recovery)
Sports injury and performance issues
TMJ and Bruxism

I’m Healthy. Will it Help Me?

Benefits in otherwise healthy people include better resistance to infection as well as improved command of your body, mind and spirit. Healthy people benefit from treatment once or twice per year.

Off to a Great Start.

Ideally, all newborns should be treated as a vital means of preventing illness and disease, as well as to help them reach their full potential. The ideal time to start is right after birth. Most newborn concerns such as breast feeding difficulties, fussiness, poor sleep and reflux resolve with BioDynamic work. Infants with more severe issues, such as cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, heart and other defects can thrive better with BioDynamic work. I have special training in pediatric BioDynamic work. This is critical as children are unique, not just small adults. The first treatment for newborns is complementary for families already in Dr. Klug’s practice.

When Roadblocks to Health are Cleared the Body Heals all by Itself

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