It’s Time for Whole-Hearted Laughter

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November 13, 2020

Dear Patients,

I was doing a Resonance Repatterning session for Hubby on Wednesday. Most sessions at some point ask the client to notice where there is tension in their body, how they are breathing, and what they are feeling. Hubby’s response was “I feel gas.” I questioned whether he was taking the session seriously, but he insisted that’s what he felt. We both burst out laughing so hard my stomach hurt and I had tears in my eyes! The next morning it occurred to me that it had been a long time since I laughed that hard and some comic relief was just what Ineeded during these tense and chaotic times.

So, this doctor recommends everyone enjoy some gut busting laughter. If you need help, here’s a list of 21 movies to watch when you just need a good laugh and comedians choices for a good belly laugh. How about Laughter Yoga? Yes, there is science behind it.

COVID-19 and the Holidays

Since all we have is personal responsibility, I encourage you to exercise it this holiday season. Our community transmission rate is higher than April’s peak, making group gatherings riskier than ever. I recommend you pass on them this season. I’m totally with you if you think this is hard, but I promise you, COVID-19 could be much harder. If you decide to gather, please follow these guidelines from the CDC. Scroll down for advice on group gatherings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bethany Klug, DO

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