It’s cold & flu season, what are you doing to boost your immunity?

The flu and winter illnesses are here, so it’s time for a refresher on natural ways to prepare for flu season and to recover from winter bugs.

Many of you know that I’m a big fan of the neti pot used daily to relieve allergies and prevent sinus infections, but daily use can also prevent and relieve winter illnesses. Many people tell me they don’t use the neti pot because water gets stuck in their ears. That’s the fault of the neti pot manufacturers who do not explain the importance of clearing the ears. Follow my instructions for the complete procedure and you will not let a day pass without neti-ing your nose!

The lymphatic system is key to preventing and overcoming infection. The lymphatic system requires us to move in order to work properly, something many of us slack off on during winter. Daily skin brushing can help keep the lymph system functioning. It’s also energizing, a great caffeine substitute, and can improve skin tone and reduce cellulite.

Finally, if you get sick and have trouble recovering, make an appointment and we can use the Biomeridian to develop a homeopathic protocol to help turn things around.

Please share what you are doing in the comment section below and see what others–like the HealthSpan staff–are up to.

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