New Rates Starting March 1

Dear Patients,

I have done my best to keep my hourly rates unchanged. I last increased my rates in 2016 – almost 6 years ago. I strongly feel we are all in this together and as such, I have trusted things will work out. For the most part they have, until lately. Kansas increased their required coverage limits, nearly doubling my medical liability insurance cost. That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

After much deliberation, I decided to increase my rates effective March 1, 2022. I trust you will support me because we are all in this together. Here are my new rates:

First visit$415 per hour
Follow-up visits unless specified below$340 per hour
Minimum Charge for Hourly Services$113
Osteopathic Treatment – up to 20 minutes$113
Osteopathic Treatment – up to 30 minutes$145
Osteopathic Treatment – up to 40 minutes$185  
Osteopathic Treatment – portion over 40 minutes$340 per hour

Helping You Enjoy a Lifespan of Health,

Bethany Klug, DO

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