Dr. Klug & Common COVID-19 Concerns

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Dear Patients and Friends of HealthSpan,

I hope this letter finds you staying in and staying well! I want to update you on how we are operating at HealthSpan and address some common concerns in the everchanging world of COVID-19.

My practice model is based on spending time together to dive deeply in to your concerns. This model must be adapted because close contact increases the risk of disease transmission. Close contact is defined by the Centers for Disease Control as being within 6 feet of a COVID-19 positive person for more than 15 minutes. Recent data from China, South Korea and now Italy have found high rates of transmission by asymptomatic people. This led me to decide that I would not see patients in office until the risk of close contact lessens to an acceptable level.

Starting today, we are offering online or telephone visits for new and existing patients. However, all Biomeridian and Biodynamic Cranial visits must wait due to the close contact involved. I will work with Biomeridian patients who are not feeling well online or by telephone to address their concerns.

I am not offering SARS-CoV-2 testing in office. I do not have the protective gear or engineering controls to do so without putting everyone in our building at risk. Follow the recommendations of your county health department if you are ill.

Please do not be concerned about encountering people sick with COVID-19 at outpatient lab draw stations. The sample for COVID-19 is a nasal swab and must be collected at a clinic or hospital. It is not done at outpatient lab draw stations. You are at no more risk there than at any other public place. You can reduce your wait time by making an appointment for your lab draw. In my experience, I rarely if ever wait when I make an appointment at Quest.

Patients are asking what they can do to protect themselves from COVID-19. If you follow my recommendations for diet, exercise, mind state, sleep and supplements, as well as follow your governmental authority’s advice including hand washing and social distancing, I suspect you will do better than most through all of this. There are so many variables. If you would like advice customized to your personal health situation, I am happy to discuss this with you at an online or telephone appointment.

Finally, whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, clothing store or independent medical practice like mine, if you want a small business to be around after the pandemic ends, please do your best to support it during the pandemic. Lori and I are here to serve you. We thank you in advance for keeping up with your healthcare and sending new patients to us during this unprecedented time.

To your health!

Bethany Klug, DO

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