A Close Call with COVID-19

April 16, 2020

Dear Patients,

I hope you and yours are doing well.

Close Call with COVID-19

Lori gives me permission to share this story. Her son had been seeing his counselor in person. His counselor assured him that this was okay because she had a large office. About 3 weeks ago, her son received a text stating his appointments would be cancelled for a few weeks because she was being hospitalized. She didn’t say why. Upon hearing this, I advised Lori to have her son self-quarantine immediately and he did just that. He has not become ill. We just learned she has recovered from COVID-19.

This counselor is not alone in putting themselves and their patients at risk. I recently advised another patient to stop seeing a counselor in person.

Please understand this: asymptomatic people transmit coronavirus. The 6 feet physical distance is meant for brief periods, such as shopping, not for extended periods. Face masks, while reducing droplet spread, aren’t adequate protection for longer, close-up interactions. I urge everyone to switch their appointments to online or telephone and if this isn’t possible, please cancel these appointments until prolonged contact is no longer a significant risk. I have cancelled my personal dental and physical therapy appointments. My massage therapist and optometrist closed their practices right away. Kudos to them!


The message is simple: Stay home. Go out only for critical business. When you do, please practice physical distancing and wear a Community Protective Face Mask (CPFMs). Read my letter to the editor in the Kansas City Star about the need for everyone to wear a DIY face mask in public. Please donate medical quality face masks to our local hospitals.

….and please keep washing your hands.

Thank You for Your Support

Finally, Lori and I want to express our gratitude to the patients who are continuing their care online or by telephone. I firmly believe by continuing the type of care I provide, along with the above recommendations, you markedly increase your chances of staying well during the pandemic. I am covering my business expenses and Lori is being paid. That’s good enough. Please continue to do your best to support businesses you value during the pandemic. It will increase their chances of being around after it ends.


I have been posting frequently about COVID-19 on Facebook at page HealthSpanKC. I only post positive, educational and actionable information—including information on making your own CPFMs. If that would serve you well, please like our page.

To Your Health!

Bethany Klug, DO

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