Invite a Miracle into Your Life

I am thrilled to have just harvested the first beets of the season from my garden. I never ceased to be moved by the miracle of it, that these seeds planted on the last day of February are now food gracing my table. Most of us are familiar with this cartoon, which perfectly describes how I feel about growing. I can plan the soil mix, fertilizing, and watering. I can do my best to create the right conditions, but whether that seed will sprout and develop into nourishment for by body and soul is completely out of my hands. I must trust the natural world. Gratitude wells up in me. Once again, I have witnessed the mystery of creating a life that gives me life. This is one of the deepest and truest connections we can make.

miracle image

So I challenge you this month to touch the miracle of life by growing something to eat. It doesn’t have to be from seed. Let a nursery or a local farmer from our many local farmers markets do that for you. And, you don’t have to grow in the ground. A sunny window sill or patio is a great place for herbs, and many vegetables have been bred to grow in containers. Want to start small? Try an herb, such as chives or basil. Like flowers? Check out this list of edible flowers. Involve your children and grandchildren. They love it.

Be sure to tell me how it grows!

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