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Resonance RepatterningTM—Spiraling Up to be Your Best

A story, as told by Chloe Faith Wordsworth, the developer of the Resonance RepatterningTM system.

“In an African village a group of women had an idea about how to handle their husbands when they returned home drunk and beat their wives and children. Whenever the abuse began, a child would run to all the surrounding huts. Within minutes, the women of the village were standing outside the huts of the drunken husband, calling out “we love you, we love you,” over and over, laughing and singing. And the abuse stopped.”

What happened here? First let’s talk about spiraling up and spiraling down.

To spiral up means that we resonate with optimal frequency range that brings out the best of who we are. In the spiral up state, we can help ourselves and others address any problem, trauma or shock with confidence, ease, and love in our hearts. At times our actions flow without conscious thought.

When we are not aligned with our optimal frequency range, we can easily spiral down. Irritation, impatience, lack of self-confidence, fear, anger, disharmonious relationships, negative habits we can’t break, positive habits we can’t sustain, addictions, eating processed junk food, depression, a lack of joy and humor, worry, dishonesty, exhaustion, stress we can’t handle. According to Chloe, these are just a few signs that tell us we are no longer resonating or vibrating at our optimal frequency range.

Now, back to the story. The women with the idea were at their optimal frequency range. Rather than punishing the drunken abusers, they came from a place of affirming the couple’s goodness and expressing unconditional love for them. Their actions shifted the husband’s resonance with violence and his wife’s resonance with being abused. And in that moment, everyone was empowered to spiral up to their best.

Spiral Up into Higher Frequency Living or Spiral Down

The goal of the Resonance RepatterningTM system is to help you spiral up. After a Resonance RepatterningTm session, many people report that they just don’t “go there” anymore, just like the in the story when the abuse stopped. Resonance RepatterningTM moves us toward a more optimal frequency range where we no longer resonate with spiral down frequencies. That’s how quickly change can happen with Resonance RepatterningTM

Deep relaxation, a sense of lightness and peace, self-confidence, trust, compassion, love, integrity, and happiness from within that has no external cause can be yours as you spiral up into your optimal frequency range, as can physical health and going into action to do those things that make health possible. If you are having difficulty achieving these qualities or can’t sustain them, Resonance RepatterningTM may be for you.

High Frequency Living Tip

In my last newsletter, I shared how turning off the power to my bedroom at night helped me return to the sleep of my youth. Looking through the lens of Resonance RepatterningTM, electrical fields are energy fields that can interfere with our optimal frequency range and can create a spiral down state.

It is thought that we feel our best when our frequencies synchronize with the earth’s magnetic field. Called the Schumann resonance, it is created by lightning bursts, up to 50 every second, which create electromagnetic waves that are captured between Earth’s surface and a boundary about 60 miles up. Some of the waves combine, increasing in strength, to create a repeating atmospheric heartbeat. It has even been hypothesized that our brain must synchronize with these waves for there to be intelligence. What happens then when our brains synchronize with other wave forms, such as the electromagnetic field created over my bed by my home’s old wiring?

High Frequency Living Action Item

Try to get a better sense of the heartbeat of the earth by spending time in a more natural place, such as a woods, meadow, mountain or prairie, away from power lines, with your cell phone off, if you must carry it at all.  Then, compare that to how you feel at home. This is one way to learn to sense of your frequency state. If at any time it doesn’t feel good, you can take action to spiral up. More on that in future newsletters. If you have trouble sensing how you feel, close your eyes, breathe and slowly scan your body from your toes to your head asking each part how it feels. Do this after a time in a more natural place, and then after a time at home.

Local Biomeridian Practitioner

A patient located a biomeridian meridian practitioner in Kansas City. While not medically trained, she uses the device in a similar fashion. Her name is Jocelyn Cosgrove, 816-294-2613.

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