Our Philosophy

We want you....
Engaged, Happy and Healthy

HealthSpan was created out of a deep wish: for everyone to experience vibrant health. Why?

Because we need you! Healthy, happy and engaged people make our families, communities, businesses, society and our world better places. The challenges of the 21st century require our presence, energy and creativity, all which arise from feeling healthy, alive and engaged!

Our lifespan may be longer today, but our HealthSpan—how long we live with vibrant health—is shorter. Here at HealthSpan, our goal is to help you enjoy a Lifespan of Health!

Yet, the United States healthcare system doesn’t do much to keep people healthy, happy and engaged.

A recent international study of eleven wealthy countries compared health care quality, access, efficiency and equity, as well as indicators of healthy lives such as infant mortality. The United States far outspent the other ten countries, but ranked dead last.

We firmly believe you can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

So at HealthSpan we do things differently. We start by listening to your story. This takes time, but is well worth it. Your story allows us to identify root causes, that when addressed, can resolve a multitude of symptoms. We meet you where you are. We go beyond the conventional pill-for an-ill approach to educate and inspire you so you can successfully make positive steps toward greater health and well-being.

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At HealthSpan we do things differently. We start by listening to your story.

When Roadblocks to Health are Cleared the Body Heals all by Itself

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