Other Conditions

Within your story is a common thread that ties together your different health concerns.

When that common thread is addressed a multitude of symptoms can be resolved. Here’s how I like to approach it with you:

First we evaluate your diet.

It’s your foundation of health. Nutrient deficiencies from the standard American diet, unchecked inflammation and acidity are the breeding ground of chronic disease, including cancer and heart disease.

​Second we look at your lifestyle.

Often simple changes to help you detoxify and de-stress can make a big difference.

​​Third we support your nutrient, hormone and neurotransmitter balance.

I do this with supplements, herbs, homeopathy, and bioidentical hormone replacement, depending on your situation.

​​Fourth we assist specific organ function.

Whether it’s esophageal reflux, constipation, weak overall immunity, sinusitis, depression or something else, special attention is sometimes needed for healing.

Fifth we address the emotions behind your ailment.

There are almost always emotions behind any physical complaint which can trap you in a pattern of ill health.

other conditions

There are two conditions Dr. Klug does not treat: cancer and “full blown” diabetes.

If you would like to know if Dr. Klug can treat your condition, please contact our office.


When Roadblocks to Health are Cleared the Body Heals all by Itself

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