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Advances in neuroscience and genetics have improved our understanding of complex brain processes.

The treatment of mental illness, including learning and behavioral disorders, has focused on imbalanced brain chemistry with the primary focus of using medications to alter the activity of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters.

Serotonin is likely the most well-known neurotransmitter because in the late 1980s Prozac revolutionized the treatment of depression due to its effects on serotonin.

We may be entering an era where medications could become a secondary. Advances in neuroscience and genetics have improved our understanding of complex brain processes, including the underappreciated fact that the primary raw materials for the synthesis of many neurotransmitters are nutrients – amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other natural biochemicals that we obtain from food.

Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Enter Walsh Research Institute and Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Walsh Research Institute and Advanced Nutrient Therapy


Developed by William Walsh, PhD, Advanced Nutrient Therapy is a method of correcting imbalances in neurotransmitter activity naturally with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. While these nutrients are readily available from whole, unprocessed food, larger amounts are required to correct brain biochemistry imbalances. Supplementation is thus required.

Dr. Klug has been trained in Advance Nutrient Therapy and stays updated.


A challenge, however, is to determine the biochemistry imbalance, or bio-type of the patient. For instance, Advanced Nutrient Therapy recognizes five depression bio-types, each with their own unique treatment. Each patient also expresses their own biochemical uniqueness that must be addressed. Another challenge is then to develop an individualized treatment plan aimed at normalizing brain chemistry.

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For most patients, the benefits of Advanced Nutrient Therapy result from the following:

• Normalizing the concentration of nutrients needed for neurotransmitter synthesis
• Epigenetic regulation of neurotransmitter activity
• Reducing free-radical oxidative stress

A major advantage of Advanced Nutrient Therapy is the absence of the serious side effects associated with psychiatric medications. This therapy uses nutrients the body has known through all of human history rather than foreign molecules that induce an abnormal condition.

Advanced Nutrient Therapy can used together with medication, Resonance Repatterning, somatic therapies and counseling. As brain science advances, nutrient therapy may over time replace psychiatric drugs as the first line treatment for mental health conditions. With Advanced Nutrient Therapy, you can benefit from this treatment today.

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