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Call or come by:
Monday: 9 am – 3 pm
Tuesday – Thursday: 9am – 4:30 pm
Friday: 9 am -12:30 pm.

You may contact our Patient Concierge at 913-642-1900

HealthSpan tries to keep its fees simple and predictable by charging by the hour for most services.

There is a minimum charge. You will be charged only for the time we use whether it be less than or more than the time scheduled. Purchases of
supplements or homeopathic preparations are not included in these charges.

Follow-up visits unless specified below $340 per hour
Minimum Charge for Hourly Services $113
Osteopathic Treatment – up to 20 minutes $113
Osteopathic Treatment – up to 30 minutes $145
Osteopathic Treatment – up to 40 minutes $185
Osteopathic Treatment – portion over 40 minutes $340 per hour

Payment in full is required at the time of service. Please pay by
check, cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.)

HealthSpan does not accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

o This website can tell you a lot about what we do and can answer some frequently asked questions.

o At HealthSpan, we think holistically and functionally. It’s how we are able to address the root causes of your concerns. Our conclusions and treatment plans may differ from other doctors you have seen.

o The practice of medicine is not an exact science. Some people have biochemical uniqueness that is difficult to detect despite history, exam and diagnostic workup. Ill effects sometime occur despite our best efforts. It is your responsibility to contact us if you have ill effects. We can be reached at our office or after-hours

o We want to work in partnership with you. We will review our treatment recommendations with you and offer options when they are available. Please ask questions! We want you to make an informed decision. You will have the
opportunity to verbally accept or decline our recommendations. We cannot guarantee the outcome for any treatments proposed.

o We want to help our patients thrive! If it becomes clear at any point that we are not able to help you, we will ask you to seek care elsewhere.

o It is important that you understand and agree to these points before proceeding with treatment. If you have concerns, please mention them during your visit.

We take time to listen to you and understand your concerns. It is hard to do that if we are overbooked. Thus, your appointment is reserved just for you. A downside to this approach is that cancellations can leave a large gap in our schedule that is difficult to fill. So, here’s how we handle this situation:

o All appointments are guaranteed to a credit card kept on file in our Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standard compliant scheduling system. This is the
standard hotels and other companies which keep credit card information on file must meet. Do an internet search on “PCI Compliance” for more information.

o At the time your first appointment is scheduled, our patient concierge will read you the conditions of the appointment guarantee. You will indicate your
agreement by giving us your credit card number. You will sign this agreement at your first appointment, guaranteeing all future appointments to the credit card on file.

o We require two business days’ notice of cancellations. Here’s how it works:

If your appointment is on…
Monday …cancel by: Thursday at 4:30 pm
Tuesday …cancel by: Friday at 12:30
Wednesday …cancel by: Monday at 3:00 pm
Thursday …cancel by: Tuesday at 4:30 pm
Friday …cancel by: Wednesday at 4:30 pm

o If you cancel with less than two business days’ notice and we cannot fill your appointment we will charge the full fee to the credit card on file for the time we
cannot fill. We know extenuating circumstances arise. Just let us know about them when you cancel and we will consider them.

o If you do not show for an appointment will be charged the full fee for the time scheduled to the credit card on file. Again, we know extenuating circumstances
arise. Just let us know about them and we will consider them.

o Patients who repeatedly do not show for their appointment or who cancel with less than two business days’ notice will be asked to pay in advance for their
appointments. Additionally, we may at our discretion, discharge any patient who does not show or who repeatedly cancels with less than two business days’ notice.

o Due to the unreliability of email, cancellations are accepted by telephone only. Please call if you do not receive confirmation from us.

HealthSpan is different from most medical practices because we do not file insurance claims. We will however provide you with a statement and other information so you can submit a claim to your insurance company. Please save this paperwork. We suggest keeping a file or a notebook that includes copies of our paperwork and anything you send to your insurance company. It makes the filing process easier. Lab work at reference laboratories is often covered by most insurance. We have a program to lower the cost for people who do not have good lab coverage. Please ask.

Our holistic and functional approach takes more time than a 7 –12 minute office visit. Here is what to expect:

Osteopathic Treatment 20 – 40 minutes
Biomeridian 40 – 110 minutes
Other Follow-Up Visits 20 – 60 minutes

If you live in a state outside of Kansas or Missouri, Dr. Klug must see you in her office for prescriptions. Visits that do not involve prescriptions can be performed by telephone or video. Once stable, you must be seen yearly for prescription monitoring, examination when appropriate and laboratory evaluation.

Patient Agreement

Please take a moment to read this document carefully, even if you have experienced a holistic and functional medicine practice like HealthSpan before.

It describes what you should expect, which may be different from what you are used to.

It also constitutes an agreement between the patient and HealthSpan that the patient, parent or guardian will sign.

You will also check a box indicating you agree to the terms of this agreement before you can register to complete our online intake form.

Please download and review the full document below.

Patient Agreement effective 11/14/2022

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