Cardiovascular Health

Why let heart disease, diabetes and stroke stop you from living life fully?

Did you know?


  • 50% of all people hospitalized for heart attacks have normal cholesterol and that 50% had no prior symptoms

  • By the time you have symptoms, the disease process may be 80% complete

  • Family history is at most 50% of your risk of chronic disease.  The other 50% is lifestyle and environment

  • A coronary calcium score (Cardioscan) of zero is not reassuring? You may have soft, non-calcified arterial plaque which is more likely
    to break off and cause a heart attack or stroke than calcified plaque

  • The latest research has identified markers that identify disease processes in their early stages

  • Even if you have had a heart attack, diabetes or stroke, you can reverse or stabilize the disease, and even prevent a second event

Cardiovascular Health

Now is the time to act!

It’s never too early or too late to start down the road to a lifespan of health!

You can do more!


Our Beyond Cholesterol Program fills the cholesterol gap by identifying markers of early disease, including genetics that increase your risk of heart attack, diabetes and stroke.

This holistic program focuses on right food, right movement, right mind-state and right sleep (FMMS), as well as nutritional supplement support and judicious medication use to reverse the causes and conditions that give rise to heart attack, diabetes, stroke and other chronic disease. Our goal is to help you stabilize, prevent and even reverse existing disease.

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Beyond Cholesterol program includes:


  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Cardiovascular System Exam
  • Beyond Cholesterol Blood Screening Test *
  • Cardiovascular Wellness Screening as indicated by history, genetics and biomarkers *
  • Food, movement, sleep and mind state recommendations
  • Nutritional supplement and judicious medication recommendations

* Not included in the cost of the program. Many insurance plans cover these screenings. We will pre-authorize these tests with your insurance company so you know the cost before proceeding.

Our goal is to help you stabilize, prevent and even reverse existing disease.

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